Still Free
Jan 22 @ 12:00 pm – Jan 26 @ 9:00 pm


Opening Reception: January 26th, 2018

Robert Huerta

Madeleine Ignon

Jimmy Miracle

Elisa Ortega Montilla

Toni Scott

(Isla Vista, CA)​– ​The GLASSBOX is pleased to present ​Still Free, ​in which three generations of artists are celebrated for demonstrating the resilience of the Creative spirit, in spite of living within a series of seemingly perpetual crises. This is not an attempt at cataloguing an accurate representation of Protest amidst the emotional ambivalence and fragile national identity of this current historical moment, but every impulse to make in the face of multiple compounding collective hardships should be recognized as an important Political gesture.

Similar to the divergent histories and backgrounds of each artist, their studio, social, and virtual practices are all emblematic of Expression–in all of its diversity– which is currently under siege from within and without the institutions it operates in alignment with.

Not all of us are avatars looking for a heroic journey within a simulated space. Not all of us have found the beauty within ourselves that has been historically relegated to a few. We cannot all attest to the joy of feeling free and seeing that freedom sprawled out on the floors, walls, and ceilings we pass through. We do not all know the tension of delicately balancing our bodies, while our insides are crumbling. We have yet to all recognize the hypocrisy of power and collectively find an appreciation for the will to see its symbols burned and resurrected. Not all of us are running from an imperfect past to a better future. Yet, all of us, each and every one of us, still has a voice with which to collectively chant:

I am still here, I am still free, in spite of it all, I am still free…

Thank you to: Carol Talley, Trela Cowan, Diego Auschtetter, Joel Sherman, Venessa Horneman, Troy Small, Dick Hebdige, Kim Yasuda, Laurel Beckman, The Santa Barbara Independent, The 2018 Honors students in the Art Department of the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), The University of California, and everyone else whose time and energy contributed to the success of this venture.

The GLASSBOX Gallery consists of spaces A and B within Rm 1328 on the first floor of the Arts Department at UCSB, as well as Rm 1330 located to immediately beside said spaces. Daily parking passes are available at each campus parking lot with a visitor section. The closest and most convenient parking lot to the Gallery is Parking lot 23. Admission to the Gallery is free, always and to everyone.


CONTACT: gallery​.glassbox@gmail.com

Drawing and Color Painting Workshop with Jimmy Miracle
Feb 16 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Drawing and Color Painting Workshop with Jimmy Miracle @ Harder Stadium MFA Studios | Santa Barbara | California | United States
I will be hosting another drawing and color painting workshop in my studio this Friday.  A series of exercises will be given to familiarize the student with certain kinds of sensations in the goal of promoting a foundation for visual literacy.
Workshop: Friday February 16 from 3-5pm
Where: my studio at Harder Stadium MFA Studios. 
If interested, email me at jmiracle@umail.ucsb.edu; space limited to 8 students. If you can’t make this time, I will host another one in two weeks.
Drawing:  pencil, sketchbook,  18 x 24″ pad of drawing paper, drawing board, eraser
Bring your oil paint, palette knife, brushes, palette, and small surface to paint on.

Jimmy Miracle was born in Xenia, Ohio in 1983 and received a B.A. in painting from Belhaven College in 2004 in Jackson, MS.  The past 12 years he has lived and worked in New York City, Washington DC, Germany, and now he currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA where he is completing an MFA in studio art. He has had solo and group shows in New York, Berlin, London, and Washington, DC exhibiting at Ziehersmith, Outlet Fine Art, HKJB, the Islip Art Museum, Castle Gallery, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, and Flashpoint Gallery among others. He also worked as a studio assistant for Jeff Koons, and studied drawing and painting at the Art Student’s League of New York under Michael Grimaldi and Brandon Soloff.  He has received the Cultural DC Creative Communities Fund grant, the Maryland State Art Council Individual Artist grant, and was recently Artist in Residence at the Franklin Service Center. He has lectured at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. His work samples can be seen online at: www.jimmymiracle.portfoliobox.net
The Future Can Only Be Told In Reverse
Feb 16 @ 4:00 pm

The College of Creative Studies Gallery at the University of California Santa Barbara is pleased to present the exhibition “The Future Can Only Be Told in Reverse”, opening February 14, 2018 with a public reception and discussion with the artists on February 16 starting at 4pm. On view through March 9, the exhibition features works that respond to the historical comic novel and media archive The Imaginary 20th Century (www.imaginary20thcentury.com), by Norman M. Klein and Margo Bistis. A performance piece by Maya Gurantz will be part of the opening reception, starting at 6PM.

Curators Margo Bistis, Norman Klein, and Jane Mulfinger invited responses to questions about the possibilities today for ironic journeys into the future. What if the riddle of The Imaginary 20th Century—“the future can only be told in reverse”– is “as paradoxical as it is true,” as curator Hans Ulrich Obrist remarks in a review? What narratives and visions can emerge from “a future that lies in the past, getting reconstructed from the fragments of the archive?”

Common aspects of the art works are the contrary layering of information, the gaps of selective memory and memory distortion, and the embedding of the digital within the analog.

Featured Artists: Laurel Beckman, Eric Beltz, Graham Budgett, Clay Burton, Elizabeth Folk, Maya Gurantz, Elisa Ortega Montilla, Tom Pazderka, Toni Scott, Sara Velas, Nathan Villicaña- Shaw, Christopher Ulivo, Stephanie Washburn

Supported by the College of Creative Studies, the Department of Art, the Department of Film and Media Studies and the English Department, UCSB
Location: CCS is located on UCSB’s campus, on the corner of Ucen Rd. and Channel Islands Rd. The gallery is in building 494, room 103.

Admission: Free. Visitor parking in lot 3.
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 10am- 5pm, weekends by appointment Gallery Info: 805-893-2364, https://www.ccs.ucsb.edu

Mar 3 @ 7:00 pm
Mar 8 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Toni Scott & Jennifer Lugris February 26th – March 14th, 2018


(Camarillo, CA) – Two women of color challenge the political atmosphere of disillusionment and uncertainty with powerfully personal explorations of adaptation, growth, and acceptance in the upcoming exhibition Kin. Appearing at the Napa Hall Gallery at Cal State Channel Islands, renowned artist Toni Scott and emerging artist Jennifer Lugris use their multi-racial backgrounds as a lens through which they refine their experiences of displacement and find joy in discovering a universality of emotion. Scott interrogates fragmented histories and explores a yearning for empathy between all humankind. Her work is hopeful and invites the viewer to participate in envisioning an empathetic community. Lugris uses vibrant colors to cherry pick moments and encapsulate them in work that elevates the ordinary. Through her paintings, she highlights the commonalities rather than differences among people and creates a timeless narrative through. The harmony between Scott and Lugris’ visions generates a personal connection with the work and reminds us that the undercurrent of humanity is brimming with love. The exhibition will be on view from February 26th to March 14th, 2018 at Napa Hall Gallery California State University Channel Islands located at One University Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012. A reception will be held March 8th from 6 to 8 p.m.

About the Artists

Toni Scott’s exhibitions and installations weave together artistically powerful stories presented through installations, multi-media, photography, painting, sculpture and digital ingenuity, allowing us to place ourselves in the shoes of those in history. Scott’s work has been awarded and celebrated internationally. In 2012, she created a solo mixed media installation, Bloodlines, for the California African American Museum. In 2015, she was selected as the solo artist for the Dame Jillian Sackler International Artists Exhibition Program, a prestigious invitation to install and exhibit her work in the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University, in Beijing China. In 2016 she was featured as the First International Artist to exhibit a solo exhibition at the Changzhou Museum in Jiangsu Province of China. She is currently completing her Master of Fine Arts at the University of California at Santa Barbara where she has been awarded a prestigious scholarship and fellowship.

Jennifer Lugris is best known for her vibrant, abstract, figurative paintings of everyday life. Raised by her Korean mother and her Uruguayan father, she grew up seeking commonalities rather than differences across cultures. Her work expresses a need to unite humanity based on shared experiences. In her figurative paintings, she captures subtle gestures of affection, love, and care. Her paintings have been exhibited and published internationally and have won several awards. In 2015, she was awarded a residency at New Pacific Studio in Vallejo, CA as an Ernest J. Gaines Fellow, provided to artists for creative work that engages with issues of contemporary education and social justice. To further her work, she is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

About Napa Hall Gallery

Napa Hall Gallery is Cal State University Channel Islands’ premier art exhibition space, and hosts a wide range of art exhibitions featuring regional, national and internationally recognized artists. Though Channel Islands is located in close proximity to Los Angeles, the mission of the Napa Hall Gallery is to expose students to a diverse array of emerging artists, experimental media, and varied artistic practices—in other words, to bring the artists and creative practitioners directly to the students. Located in the main art building, this space has featured: video projects, architectural models, painting, performances, sculpture, photography, design, and even elaborate neon installations in conjunction with the Museum of Neon Art. The Napa Gallery also hosts the “Campus Crossover Series,” a showcase for cutting-edge graduate student work from CI’s neighboring institution, the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Visitor Information

Admission to all exhibitions and programs at Napa Hall Gallery is free.
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays.

Napa Hall Gallery California State University Channel Islands
One University Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012

Contact Information

Napa Hall Gallery
art@csuci.edu 805-437-2772

Image Credits

From left to right

Jennifer Lugris, Waiting, 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 24 by 24 inches. Courtesy of the artist. © Jennifer Lugris. Toni Scott, Origins, 2017. Installation view. Courtesy of the artist. © Toni Scott. Jennifer Lugris, Charlie’s Birthday, 2017. Oil on canvas. 77 by 66 inches. Courtesy of the artist. © Jennifer Lugris.
Toni Scott, SHEMA, 2017. Installation view. Courtesy of the artist. © Toni Scott.

Mar 16 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Anastasiia Sapon, Anna Linetskaya, Arika von Edler, Christine Taylor, Felicita Norris, Miranda Evans, Rose Briccetti & Yumiko Fujiwara

Dates: March 16 – April 21, 2018
Reception: Friday, March 16th. 6-8 pm 

​Glass Rice is proud to present Me, Myself & Her, an all-female group show featuring works by eight emerging and mid-career artists, three returning and five new to the gallery.

For too long, women have been used as objects in art, perpetually the subject to be possessed or desired, beloved or reviled. However, more so now than ever, women are reclaiming their images and repainting their identities. No longer accepting women to be portrayed by and for men, the female artists in Me, Myself & Her focus on perceptions of female identity and sexuality, what is means for each woman to be female, and above all else, portraying the female spirit and femininity through the lens of another fellow woman. The exhibition will range from large figurative oil paintings to smaller portrait watercolors, to a sculpture made with false eyelashes, Spanish moss and an African clawed frog in ethanol and jar, all sitting atop a custom wood and acrylic lightbox pedestal, and a variety of photographs documenting the female gaze. In a show with such variety, each artist has managed to echo a singular resounding statement, the “Future is Female.”

For more information visit www.glassrice.com

Glass Rice, 680 8th Street, Suite 240 B
San Francisco, CA, 94103

The Chess Club: 2018 MFA Exhibition
May 18 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm