Terminals 2.0


Picking up and continuing the theme of death from Terminals 1.0, Terminals 2.0 distinguishes itself in its poignant identity as both a creative project and a memorial to three artists/writers who were dear to many, including Victoria and Connie. I was invited to create an artists project for the book that drew inspiration from the lives and journals of the three recently departed artists.

Untitled (4 Kathy, Bob, Christine, and where they all speak together):
Laurel Beckman's untitled project takes as its inspiration the journal writings of Kathy Acker, Bob Flanagan, and Christine Tamblyn. Most of the journal texts were among the final self-reflexive moments in the too-short lives of these critical artists. Working with the texts Laurel enacts a kind of blind collaboration, allowing the fantastic partners of the dying-trauma and possibility-to work their way into visual form on the four pages that comprise her project. The pages, both homage and invention, offer (in sequence) a vulnerable and lusty Kathy, a truly naked (with all his words removed, leaving only punctuation) Bob, and the importance that time, friendship and work played in Christine's life. Finally, the fourth page is where they speak simultaneously to each other and to us.
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