ENTROPIA - a song for networks. Graham Budgett 2001

	Entropy, the average amount of information represented
	by a symbol in a message, is a function of the model used to
	produce that message and can be reduced by increasing the
	complexity of the model so that it better reflects the actual
	distribution of source symbols in the original message.

	- UC Berkeley, Multimedia Research Center
Metaphorically speaking, the quotation above has the character of a song lyric - being truly coherent only with an accompanying music: Information Theory.

I propose to take the phrase out of context as a song lyric, to have the song performed by a choir of virtual and actual voices, and to distribute the resultant recording - ENTROPIA - over networks.

Working with the given voices of an internationally diverse, but almost exclusively masculine, group of 'techies' from the Media Arts & Technology program at UC Santa Barbara, provides a richly-accented, baritone chorus.

To equalise the dominant male-voice tones of our choir, the female-voice choristers are gathered from the virtual members of the MacinTalk Speech Synthesis Program: Agnes, Junior, Kathy, Princess, and Victoria - plus the actual and only woman in the group, Hindi vocalist, Purva Gujar - a female-voice machine choir.

Entropia is a site of future ruin, an immersed, invisible city, experienced as a diasporic, technological dystopia.