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REGRETS.ORG.UK - an interactive archive, public artwork, & study regarding the human capacity for remorse - an action-research collaboration with Jane Mulfinger
- the REGRETS global archive is still growing and so far contains thousands of regrets in at least four european languages - the next REGRETS local event invites a different alphabet
REGRETS Cambridge - Sponsored by MSRC Microsoft Research Cambridge and the University of Westminster, London, 2005
REGRETS Linz - Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, 2006
REGRETS Paris - Le Cube Festival of Digital Art, Paris, 2008
STELLA: Structure Through Electronic Language & Liminal Architecture - a somewhat random inner-space visualisation engine using web architecture and language
to enforce non-interstitial borders and fortify introspectacular arenas on an otherwise deterritorialized and formless pure plane of immanence
Prosaic Memories of the Space Age [Ballardian not Bachelardian] - unique code-born liminal spatializations - made with STELLA
project AURORA - an interactive public space proposal & metacritique
imaging the metahuman [for project AURORA]
cMOI - collective MOBILE OPERATOR [& OTHER] IDENTITIES - part of project AURORA
surfacing the soul - a visiognomy of ignominy - prequel to project AURORA
Tossing the Drachma: Infernal Shades of Hades or Celestial Fields of Elysium? - advanced web typography
Owls or Athenas? [tossing the Drachma] - unique code-born typographical constellations
- made with the series engine: Tossing the Drachma: Infernal Shades of Hades or Celestial Fields of Elysium?
idea[s] for a modern abstraction - dynamic hypertext mark-up language on art-historical substratum
sketches toward a fresh NEO-GEO canvas every 5 seconds for the duration of Western culture - or "border control {red; white; blue; || green; white; red;}"
two search terms [for John Berger]
castaroon! - an heuristic game of chance, subjectivity & significance
landscape with argonauts - an object with no other cause than its name...
6 turns out to be 9 - three-dimensional architectural simulations recoded using the Hendrix Algorithm
hanbury terrain - time as a factor of depth - collaboration with Jane Mulfinger
levity, gravity, peripeteia - an interactive public artwork for specific local interiors and the global net
moMs - museum of MODERN space - the first off-earth Sculpture Park
MPArt - a web archive and promotion of the methodologies of The GALA Committee - collaboration with: Constance Penley; Jon Lapointe; & GALAweb]
tripwired - a constellation of public & private domains
petites morts du signal - ecstatic communications
conductor - 9/11: a Stockhausen/Hitchcock/Disney-style treatment
entropia - a song for networks
read, read, read... - [mis]readings from the Gallery floor
weltanschauung - [velt-ansh-ow-ung] an installed view
the occidental tourist - a proposed exhibition of unintended portraits
them what trespass - poaching intellectual property - Camerawork, London
a grey area: boxing & memory - collaboration with Jane Mulfinger - commissioned by inIVA
autoscapes - the landscape image in its most prevalent current form
visible cities - cityscapes that defy description
berlin bei nacht - comical/critical 'post-card views' of the city prior to unification
lost charms - small found objects/human qualities
3D/4D work - selected public artworks, commissions, installations, 3D & 4D projects

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