[moMs] museum of MODERN space

Tatlin's Tower in VRML
metacritique: emulation

Using a Sculpture Park model, demonstrating how New Technology rehabilitates Modernist constructs seemingly ill-suited to the Information Age of art.

Vladimir Tatlin's prescient double-helix, 'Monument to the 3rd International' [intended to out-Modern Eiffel's tower with revolving forms for Cinema, Telephone Exchange, & Information Ministry] has remained unengineerable since its moment in 1920. Long viable only as symbolic form, its reification in space is now an eventuality [left]

[right] Marcus Novak's transarchitecture - existing predominantly in Cyberspace - is algorithmically generated or 'bred' and, like Tatlin's virtual structure, can be interpreted as symbol & agitprop for radical innovation beyond the realm of architecture per se.

algorithmic art ...tracing the algorithmic beyond 'Computer Art' or 'Digital Art' to a broader, more mature, Information Art and its context


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