...Sanxingdui, half a day's ride...

The Rotunda
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Once again the landscape image is being used to sublimate human awe before Nature; a smug and comfortable topography is promised through the windscreen of the advertised automobile.

Conducting you off-road, unscathed through the wilderness, such a vehicle offers the soporific horizon of a virtual future - constantly becoming. Only in the rear-view mirror, at the already-gone vanishing-point of your tire-tracks, is there evidence of finitude.

The series Autoscapes exploits the sublime view of early landscape photography - and an associated contemporary nostalgia - to redeem images of the natural environment from the function most often assigned to it by advertisers - as a mere backdrop for that supreme commodity, the automobile.


from Autoscapes [1994 ->] sepia-toned silver-print, 60 x 42 inches [152.5 x 101.5 cm]