Bayonet-ends, thrust into dark sockets,
screwed, and there was light...

At a remote screen, control is surrendered
as a gyroscope tilts along a dark beam
connecting the viewer with its object.
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Lost Charms | Graham Budgett

Materially, the 'charms' pictured here are small found-objects. Redeemed for the gallery in their representation as photographic diptychs [and for publication with accompanying texts], they are assigned fresh significance in context and in name.

In metaphysical terms, fetish-like, the renominated objects are tokens of human characteristics or 'charms' that metaphorically lie in ruins - themselves unexcavated - deep beneath the tundra of Western memory.

The aura of the art-object, prognosed dead-on-arrival in the age of technological reproduction, is deemed less a matter of authenticity to be shattered by simulation, more a question of belief established by authority.