Christopher August
Diran Lyons

Art Studio 22 Conceptual Strategies in Digital Media

Instructor: George Legrady
Lecture, HSSB-1173, Tuesdays 6:30-8:20 pm
office: room 2222 Art Studio, tel 893.2026

TA Lab Section, Multipurpose Lab, Kerr Hall, Wednesday, 9:00-11:50

TA Lab Section: Multipurpose Lab, Kerr Hall, Thursday, 9:00-11:50

Student Projects
Bibliography/ References

W1 Oct 1 Course Overview & Resources

Art/MAT Media Arts Faculty


Design & Typography

Associative Relationships

Lisa Jevbratt, networks, data, internet
George Legrady, interactive installations
Marcos Novak, virtual architecture
marko Peljhan, makrolab, telecommunications

Art making with data and information: Collecting, Classifying (systems of classification, Associative thinking) Inventory, etc. Content in relation to Style: intro to typography

Daniel Spoerri: An Anecdoted Topography of Chance  [6]  [203]
An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War

Semantics: the cultural meaning of the text
Syntax: The structure by which it is organized
Pragmatics: How it is received by the reader
Effect: The objectivemessage
Affect: The associated subjective emotions

Typography: macro+micro aesthetics

Optimo, Teleesthetics, Norm, nomemory kleber, BruceMau

"Amelia", Title Sequence


Lab Mac environment, Dreamweaver, html and navigation basics, site definition
Exercise index.html, narrative

W2 Oct 8 The Digital Image: Bitmap, Pixels & Image Processing | Designing Screen Space

analog /digital

Digitization Process

Image Processing

Visual Organization & Space
  The A-to-D photographic dichotomy: Walter Benjamin and the loss of the original
(The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction)

Equivalents II [more info]
Blade Runner: Deckard's Esper photo analyzer's image machine

Sampling, cartesian grids, numerica form
Pixels, DPI, etc., image depth, bit settings, channels, alpha channel, layers; contrast, tonal balance with histograms; manipulation of image sections for image correction, random noise. Filters: blur, sharpen, flip, rotate, scale, colorize, etc.

Screen space, planning, guides

Reading Image, Language & Belief in Synthesis

Lab Photoshop basics, navigation strategies, tables and layers
Exercise Scanningand processing images

W3 Oct 15 Collecting, Classifying, Archiving and the Interface




More on (Screen) Space

Design on


Data contextualized: Organizing methods, data classification through metadata, numeric relations and other forms or comparing digital information.

Architecture: Image + cultural data + method + material:
Gruppo 12, CAPC, Lewis/Tsurumaki/Lewis

Data is contextualized through placement, juxtaposition, and
hierarchical relationship
What is syllogism?

depending on their visual placement within a given space, the same elements will assume different visual aspects of weight and movement.

Space has two fundamental characteristics: size and proportion (square, rectangle, etc.)

Horizontal space is passive, vertical is active.

Space is an ambigious quantity: 2, 3 lines form a weak space.

A space loosely defined by two vertical lines appears taller then a space defined by horizontal lines.

Size and proportion are normally determined at the beginning of the project and templates created by which to position all material.

Square space is visually stable, horizontal and vertical spaces suggest expanse.

Space can be imagined without elements, but elements are always situated in space.

The tension between the elements and the boundaries of space visually subdivides space.

A space becomes visually active when it is subdivided.

Tonal value differences between objects in a space also activates the space, creating a play of variation.

Two Scales
Explicit and obvious (what the image/text conveys)
Subtle, perhaps subconsciously perceptible (how the image conveys)


Lab More photoshop basics, Image Ready, Visually Spacing Information
Project I Image/Text project: An archive of information: Plan, collect info, assemble

W4 Oct 22 Screen and Interaction Design


Information Architecture

Design and Narrative flow
  Visual Design: screen space revisited in relation to interaction.

Organizing information through an organizational scheme: structure/layers of info/files/folders, etc.

A Tutorial, A Glossary of Information Architecture

The Book after the Book, Giselle Beigulman
Adaweb Projects
An Archive Collection: Joachim Smid

Lab Production and troubleshooting
Project I Image/Text: add multiple layers

W5 Oct 29 Christopher August lecture

  Course material reviewed

Lab Production and troubleshooting
Project I

W6 Nov 5 Multi-linear Narrative



Final Project Concepts:




Navigation, hypertext and links. Concept, composition, balance, consistency, relative importance, articulation, aesthetics, color, spacing, time.

- a photo novel
- a database or archive
- a text based hyperlinked work
- or a combination of the above

Multi-Linear Narratives:
Eric Loyer's Lair of the Marrow Monkey
Olia Lialina's My Boyfriend Came Back from the War

An Archive: Muntadas' File Room

A textbased work: Elective Physionomies
Digital Storytelling: Is it Art? (HotWired)

More to be found in Natalie Boochkin's History of the Net

Lab Individual reviews of Project
Project 2

Concept for the Final Project

W7 Nov 12 Semiotics: the study of signs (symbol, index, icon)




Multi-Linear Design

Culture and its syntaxes create meaning

The Study of Signs (Symbol, Index, Icon)

Student Pictograms
designing a sign for 10000 years in the future
Liam Gillick, installation art: text and objects | Corporate Logos

Deutsche Bank [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]: karin sander wordsearch
Bruce Mau Design
macro_micro posters | layers

Lab Time Based Extensions

MID-TERM Research Due

W8 Nov 19 Metaphors & Interface: (folder, trash, clock, finger)

Lecture Metaphor & the Machine Environmnet

  Student work production
Project 2 Final Project Production

W9 Nov 26 Website as Document, Website as Artwork & Algorithmic Art


  Websites as Documentation & Websites as Artwork, Heavy Industries, Stelarc, bureau of inverse technology

Lab Individual meetings / upload by end of the lab
Project 2 Final Project Production

W10 Dec 3 Interactive & Mixed Realities Installations

  Range of examples of media based artworks
Project 2
  Final student Presentations


An Anecdoted Topography of Chance,
Daniel Spoerri
Typography: Macro+Micro Aesthetics,
Willi Kunz
Interactive Art Online Reference,
Steve Wilson
Design Links
, Andreas Schlegel
On contemporary narrative hypertext art
, Prof Rita Raley
Online HTML Guide