Jane Mulfinger · The Drunkard Forwarned and the Swearer Caution’d [I] · 1998
17’x18’x4’ air compressor, vinyl, cloth, etched silver plate, video
The Mayor Gallery, London (1999), Galerie Carbone, Turin (2000)

A large silver balloon, (a bouncer or bouncy-castle), sits underneath solid silver panels that list the ancient Virtues and Vices. The audience is invited to climb onto the 'cloud' and view the silver panels and the endless videotape of cumulous clouds passing rapidly overhead. If the audience stays long enough, the cloud will slowly engulf them. This work is meant to provide contemplation of air and matter, heaven and hell, virtue and vice and through the title and text, witness the outward changes in moral coding.

*Video [version II - Los Angeles]