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I. History, Theory & Context

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II. Design

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III. Structures

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IV. Observation & Experience

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Gary Frost, "Formats of the Book"

Gary Frost, "Reading by Hand"

Harry Reese, "Evaluating Artists' Books"

Jae Rossman, "The Term 'Artists' Books'

Media Ecology Bibliography

William Burroughs, The Future of the Novel (1964)

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Keith Smith, The Book as Physical Object

Sandra Reese, Bindings

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Sheila Waters, Foundations of Calligraphy


Instruction & Process

21st Century Tool Kit for Print & Book Arts

Template for Fancy Fold Book (single sheet)

8-fold from paper bag

Stab binding examples

Gary Miller, "Japanese Stab Binding,"


Multiple Signatures With Sewn Boards

Gary Frost, "Return of the Sewn Board Binding"

Sandra Liddell Reese, "Basic Drop-Spine Box"

Judy Christensen, "Explosion Pop-up Book"


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