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A Reader for Art 123, "Hand Papermaking."
Harry Reese. Department of Art. UCSB

Table of Contents

History of Papermaking:

“History of Paper and Printing” from Science and Civilisation in China, by Tsien Tsuen-Hsuin (New York: Cambridge, 1985), p1-10

“Travel of Paper Westerwards” from Science and Civilisation in China, by Tsien Tsuen-Hsuin (New York: Cambridge, 1985), 296-319.

"How the First Paper Was Made" and "Modern Papermaking from Rags" by Dard Hunter, from Paper-Making in the Classroom, p. 23-47.
"Ts'ai Lun and the Invention of Paper" by Dard Hunter from Papermaking: The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft (NY: Dover reprint of 1943 ed.), p. 48-63.

"Pre-and-Post Industrial Handmade Book Paper: You See the Difference" by Jesse Munn, Terry Boone Wallis, Mary Wootton & Barbara Meier Husby, Hand Papermaking, Winter 1996, p.18-23.

"Twinrocker Handmade Paper – The First 25 Years," by Will Jackson, Inksmith (Daniel Smith, Inc.), Spring 1996 catalog
“The Sacred, the Magical, and the Mundane” from Washi: The World of Japanese Paper by Sukey Hughes (Kodansha: Tokyo, New York & San Francisco, 1978), p. 48-69



"Grain" by Suzanne Ferris, Hand Papermaking, Summer 1989, p. 16-24

"Chart: commercial, mouldmade, and handmade paper weights" by Harry Reese, unpub., 2003.

"Sizes & Weights" by Silvie Turner, from The Book of Fine Paper, (Thames & Hudson, 1998), p. 209-214


“Cooking and Washing Fiber” by Timothy Barrett from Japanese Papermaking (New York: Weatherhill, 1992) p.143-55

"Fibers" by Sheril Cunning, from Handmade Paper: A Practical Guide to Oriental and Western Techniques, 5th ed. (Escondido, CA: Cunning Enterprises, 1989), p. 17-33

"A Short Guide On Beating Pulp" Harry Reese, unpublished, 2005

"Question & Answer [on pigmenting pulp]" by Bobbie Lippman, Hand Papermaking, (nd)


"Western Papermaking I & II" by Timothy Barrett, from University of Iowa Video Tapes (Arts Library, Call # TS 1105, W395, 1994, v.1 & v.2, video scripts)


"Question & Answer [working with pigmented pulp]" by Catherine Nash, Hand Papermaking, (nd)


"Constructing Western Molds" by Tim Moore, Hand Papermaking, Summer 1987, p. 20-25

"Drying Box for Printers and Papermakers" by Claire van Vliet, Hand Papermaking, Summer 1987, p. 26-28

"Mould Making Supplies and Order Information" Lee Scott McDonald, Inc., Fall 2000 catalog

"Papermaking Moulds" by Simon Barcham Green, Hand Papermaking, Summer 1994, p. 23-28

"The Construction of Vacuum Tables: Theory and Practice" by Paul Robbert, Hand Papermaking, Summer 1991, p. 17-22


"Handmade Paper with Colored Pulps, Created for the Printed Image" by Margaret Prentice, Hand Papermaking, Winter 1990, pp. 2-6

"Paper" from Pocket Pal: A Graphic Arts Production Handbook. Michael H. Bruno, ed., (Memphis, TN: International Paper Co.), 16th ed., 1995, p. 162-180

"On Damp Printing" by Suzanne Ferris & Neal Bonham Hand Papermaking, Winter 1986, p. 7-11

"Reaching Back, Moving Forward: Photos on Handmade Paper," by John Risseeuw, Hand Papermaking, Winter 1999, p. 27-34


"Contemporary Sculpture Techniques," by Bernard Toale, from The Art of Papermaking (Worcester, MA: Davis Publications, 1983), p. 80-107

"Casting to Acknowledge the Nature of Paper" by Winifred Lutz, International Conference of Hand Papermakers, 1980 (Boston: Carriage House Press, 1981), p. 26-38


"An Interview with Diane Katsiaficas," by Mary Hark, Hand Papermaking, Summer 1992, pp. 2-9

"Edible Drawings of John Cage," by Bernard Toale, Hand Papermaking, Winter 1992, p. 22-23


"Aesthetics and the Future of the Craft" by Timothy Barrett, Hand Papermaking, Winter 1996, p. 13-17 

"Drying: Theory and Techniques" by Lee Scott McDonald, International Conference of Hand Papermakers, 1980 (Boston: Carriage House Press, 1981), p. 69-71

"Computer-Generated Watermarks" Katie MacGregor & Bernie Vinzani, Hand Papermaking, Summer 1996, p.16-19

"Papermaking reading list" UCSB Library (selected by Rie Hachiyanagi)



• additional materials and supplies

• important names – papermakers, artists, styles & traditions, historians, publishers – in papermaking (for reports)

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