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Written by artists Jud Fine and Harry Reese, Spine is an account of the Jud Fine art plan (also known as "Spine") at the Maguire Gardens, Los Angeles Central Library. This publication describes the permanent outdoor art installation "Spine" that was commissioned by Maguire Thomas Partners and the Los Angeles Public Library from Jud Fine, who was assisted on the project by Harry Reese. The book responds to frequently-asked questions about the origin and context of the sculptures and inscriptions that are included in the installation that opened to the public in October, 1993. While giving insight into and information about this specific art project in its particular location, this book contributes commentary by artists to current discussions and considerations about art in public places.

"A mind-expanding thing happens with this book. Because the theme of the book is writing, and because the artwork itself is physically patterned after books, one’s awareness of the relationship of the printed word to consciousness becomes real in the reading...and in the viewing of the art." – Jack Skelley, Downtown News (Los Angeles)

"This is a must for all libraries, both private and public; for all lovers of books and libraries; for all interested in public art projects." – Judith Hoffberg, Umbrella



Jud Fine is an artist who has exhibited widely over the last thirty years, and his work is represented in numerous major public and private collections. He is a Professor of Art at the University of Southern California. Since establishing Turkey Press in 1975, Harry Reese has produced poetry and art publications in limited editions that are represented in many collections in the United States and Europe. He is a Professor of Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he teaches book arts, printmaking, papermaking, and media ecology.


Published by the Los Angeles Library Association in December, 1993, the book is available in two editions: both are 12" wide by 9" high and consist of 128 pages, with over 100 illustrations and photos, many in full color. The paperbound edition is priced at $25.00. A special edition, of 400 copies, has been bound in cloth and papyrus, and has been signed by the authors. Its price is $80.00. For distribution and sales inquiries contact: Los Angeles Public Library · The Library Store · 630 West Fifth Street · Los Angeles, CA 90071 · (213) 228-755

Jud Fine and Harry Reese. Spine. Los Angles Public Library.



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