Luke Matjas

As an expatriate of Orange County’s suburban outback, Luke Matjas has some expertise when it comes to colonized space and constructed narratives.  Hearkening back to the willful chaos of early curiosity cabinets, his work investigates the ways in which natural and unnatural histories have again become intertwined and entangled.  The formats Luke employs alternate between immense room-sized digital prints, site-specific installations, and intimate drawings. The large digital prints, in particular, employ a unique process which painstakingly integrates traditional graphite drawings with thousands of overlaid digital vector drawings. The resulting effect exists somewhere between Hieronymus Bosch and contemporary skateboard graphics.

Luke’s work has been featured in a wide range of venues, including exhibitions at the Pasadena Museum of California Art (2013), the UC Davis Design Museum (2012), and the Crocker Art Museum (2011). His work is also included in the permanent collection of the Ventura County Museum of Art and History.  He is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Art Department at California State University Channel Islands.