Kip Fulbeck Receives the Distinguished Teaching Award

Prof. Kip Fulbeck has been a member of the faculty in the Department of Art (with affiliated appointments in Asian American Studies and Film & Media Studies) since 1992. One of his supporters writes, “Taking a class with Professor Fulbeck entails far more than a simple learning experience… Fulbeck’s charismatic yet highly focused approach forces them to completely re-evaluate what it means to be an artist and an individual.”

 According to one of his students, “Kip’s teaching style is as engaging as it is informative… I cannot express fully to you how much Kip deserves this award. Kip has made me think about every action I take, every word that I speak, and every impact I may have on anyone around me.” The student continues, “No one is able to be shy or unwilling to contribute to class, because he demands the same effort from everyone: his or her personal best.”

Professor Fulbeck regularly incorporates non-traditional modes and strategies into his classes, and has created several new courses that are now part of the core major. One such strategy is to immerse his class into foreign environments, thereby “removing their default footings and expand[ing] their idea of what art, teaching, and education is.” One of his graduate students writes, “Professor Fulbeck distinguishes himself in the UCSB community through his relentlessly vibrant and passionate engagement with students in the creative practices that explore globally minded and intellectually inquisitive art making across all media.” And she continues by stating, “The just, purposeful, and challenging learning environment he cultivates propels students to stretch themselves in impressive and unprecedented ways.”

Finally, an undergraduate student writes, “there is not a week that goes by that I do not think of how his classes have profoundly impacted me, not only as an Art major, but also as a person. Kip goes beyond the classroom to deliver an education, both academically and experientially, which makes him the idea professor for the Distinguished Teaching Award.”