LightWorks: List of Works

2016 California Arts Council Commissioned Projects:

Tulle Falls

Kym Cochran + Jonathan Smith, 976 Embarcadero del Mar Building, East Wall

An installation about flow with projected imagery of black and white water textures that appear to “fall” to a pool of aquatic creatures swimming in a pond below

Luminous Gestures

Weslie Ching, Marco Pinter, Shannon Willis, Little Acorn Park

An interactive installation and performance consisting of sculptures, projections, and contemporary dance.


Scotty Slade Wagner, People’s Park

An interactive work that inserts the audience into an audition for a fictitious play, transcribed into a live projected drawing.


Danial Nord, Anisq’Oyo Park Playground

An installation that transforms a children’s swing-set into an interactive video-driven light-box, enabling dynamic performance that fuses color, light, motion, and human form.


Denise Torres + Fernando Tapia, Perfect Park

An experimental documentary elevating the stories and the lives of Isla Vista’s Latino workers as a silent narrative with English/Spanish subtitles.

Running Tap

Chad ‘Fez’ Gaetz, Perfect Park

An amorphous ice form from up-cycled steel rings, salvaged from local industry to spread awareness about conservation and the frozen latitudes

Luminescent Toran

Madeline Berger, Jamie Birkett, Mitchell Jakubka, People’s Park

An interactive, community based art installation, marking the gateway to the Remembrance Garden.


John Lawrence, Perfect Park

An interactive tree trunk: the tighter one hugs, the more the tree responds, appearing to sparkle with ecstasy.

Department of Light + Power (DLP)

Tai Rodrig, Ethan Turpin, Udo Gyene

IV Central Parks + Streets

A squad of video projection artists in a hybrid vehicle video system (HVVS) will create moving interactive installations in and around IV’s central downtown parks

2016 UCIRA: ART + CA  | UCSB commissioned projects:

Art + Energy

Fourth Graders from Isla Vista Elementary School and teens from the St. George Family Youth Center.


Art122PC, Anisq’Oyo Park Bridge

Luminaria is a site-specific interactive installation at the Anisq’O’yo Park Bridge in Isla Vista, which aims to provide a safer environment through illumination. A collaborative project by students and faculty of the Art122PC (Advanced Digital Topics: Physical Computing) class in the Department of Art, UCSB.


Tom Pazderka, Perfect Park

A wood cabin erected from repurposed shipping palettes serves as an observation platform to observe the ocean horizon, one block away.

Ghost Stories

Tra Bouscaren, Downtown Loop

Saturday only from twilight to 11pm

A projection mapping on facades around the downtown Loop in a mobile performance art unit from the Bay Area, loaded with inverter generator, video equipment and assemblage materials.

Lieutenant Plastino’s Liquescent Lifeboat

Lt Robert Plastino and the UCSB Excursion Club

Saturday only @ twilight to 9pm

Luminous water-born vessels will create an ocean viewing experience for onshore observers from the El Embarcadero beach access.