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WINDAUGE [vindt-ow-geh] [anglo-saxon: 'wind-eye', window]
- a collaboration with Jane Mulfinger and Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall

An Occult Dimension [And Doctor Strange Is Always Changing Sides]
- a procedurally animated, user navigable, nether-world
- webGL - no touchscreen interactivity

The Devil in the Detail [* WARNING: flashing imagery! *]
- somewhere between psychedelic mandala, cult mantra and slick commercial animation, this interactive profanity proclaims itself both logo and logos, the Word and the Essence
- webGL - no touchscreen interactivity

Background Check: Turing Patterns, Morphogenesis and Me
- Psychography and webGL - no touchscreen interactivity

a foggy day
- familiar object, another day - Rolande Barthes and webGL - no touchscreen interactivity

see thing mass [your brain... a visualisation for Timothy]

- javascript ghost-written in consultation with the spirit of the late Modern

Airports, Stadiums and Prisons etching their own profiles

way2go: target painting/seeking its self/centre

- click till your ink's up

animated GIFs happily occupy dimensions 1, 2 and 4 [while deep in the 3rd they fail]

snake-eyes [place your bets] on spectatorship and userhood
- the dice are loaded - *Chrome/Safari only*

Visualised: The Hemispheric Reification of Light through the Oculus of the U.S. Capitol Dome - light play

an array of seven veils... or brides, sisters, brothers, sons, fathers, sins, virtues, wonders, heavens, kingdoms, lords, rings, dwarves, stars, nights, days, years, ages, points, horns, peaks, summits, hills, valleys, falls, cliffs, mountains, continents, seas, lakes, swans, angels, demons, spirits, sacraments, sages, letters, seals, gifts, pillars, bridges, chakras, layers

STELLA: Structure Through Electronic Language & Liminal Architecture
- a somewhat random inner-space visualisation engine using web architecture and language to enforce non-interstitial borders and fortify extrospectacular arenas on an otherwise deterritorialized and formless pure plane of immanence

Prosaic Memories of the Space Age [Ballardian not Bachelardian]
- unique code-born liminal spatializations - made with the series engine: STELLA

Tossing the Drachma: Infernal Shades of Hades or Celestial Fields of Elysium?
- a Greek conundrum - advanced web typography

Owls or Athenas? [tossing the Drachma]
- unique code-born typographical constellations - made with the series engine: Tossing the Drachma

idea[s] for a[n] [modern] abstract[ion][ism]
- dynamic hypertext mark-up language on art-historical substratum

sketches toward a fresh NEO-GEO canvas every 5 seconds for the duration of Western culture
- or "border control {red, white, blue || green, white, red}"

two search terms [for John Berger]

- an heuristic game of chance, subjectivity & significance

landscape with argonauts
- an object with no other cause than its name...

- three-dimensional architectural simulations recoded using the Hendrix Algorithm

REGRETS Cambridge
- sponsored by Microsoft Research Cambridge and the University of Westminster, London, 2005

- Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, 2006
- part of Simplicity - the Art of Complexity curated by Professor Alan Maeda, MIT

- Le Cube Festival of Digital Art, Paris, 2008 - Les arts numériques réinventent la ville

REGRETS Santa Barbara
- REGRETS Santa Barbara, 2008 - Casa de la Raza, The Old Courthouse and Santa Barbara Museum of Art

- an interactive archive, public artwork, & study regarding the human capacity for remorse
- an action-research collaboration with Jane Mulfinger
- the REGRETS global archive is still growing and contains thousands of regrets in at least four european languages
- the next REGRETS local event anticipates a different alphabet

project AURORA
- an interactive public space proposal & metacritique

imaging the metahuman
- a web app capable of iterating a demography of composite facial 'looks' [for project AURORA]

- part of project AURORA

surfacing the soul
- a visiognomy of ignominy - prequel to project AURORA

hanbury terrain
- time as a factor of depth - collaboration with Jane Mulfinger

levity, gravity, peripeteia
- an interactive public artwork for specific local interiors and the global net

moMs - museum of MODERN space
- the first off-earth Sculpture Park

MPArt Website
- one of the earliest web video-archives [1999] and a promotion of the methodologies of The GALA Committee - in collaboration with Constance Penley , Jon Lapointe & GALAweb

- a constellation of public & private domains

petites morts du signal
- ecstatic communications

- 9/11: a Stockhausen/Hitchcock/Disney-style treatment

- a song for networks

read, read, read...
- [mis]readings from the Gallery floor

- [velt-ansh-ow-ung] an installed view

them what trespass
- poaching intellectual property - Camerawork, London

- the landscape image in its most prevalent current form

a grey area: boxing & memory
- collaboration with Jane Mulfinger
- commissioned by inIVA

lost charms
- small found objects/human qualities

visible cities
- cityscapes that defy description

berlin bei nacht - comical/critical 'post-card views' of the city prior to the unification of East and West Germany

3D/4D work
- selected public artworks, commissions, installations, 3D & 4D projects

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