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WINDAUGE [vindt-ow-geh] [anglo-saxon: 'wind-eye', window]
- a collaboration with Jane Mulfinger

An Occult Dimension [And Doctor Strange Is Always Changing Sides]
- a procedurally animated, user navigable, nether-world
- webGL - no touchscreen interactivity

The Devil in the Detail [* WARNING: flashing imagery! *]
- somewhere between psychedelic mandala, cult mantra and slick commercial animation, this interactive profanity proclaims itself both logo and logos, the Word and the Essence
- webGL - no touchscreen interactivity

Background Check: Turing Patterns, Morphogenesis and Me
- Psychography and webGL - no touchscreen interactivity

a foggy day
- familiar object, another day - Rolande Barthes and webGL - no touchscreen interactivity

see thing mass [your brain... a visualisation for Timothy]

- javascript ghost-written in consultation with the spirit of the late Modern

Airports, Stadiums and Prisons etching their own profiles

way2go: target painting/seeking its self

- click till your ink's up

animated GIFs happily occupy dimensions 1, 2 and 4 [while deep in the 3rd they fail]

snake-eyes [place your bets] on spectatorship and userhood
- the dice are loaded - *Chrome/Safari only*

Visualised: The Hemispheric Reification of Light through the Oculus of the U.S. Capitol Dome - light play

an array of seven veils [brides, sisters, brothers, sons, fathers, sins, virtues, wonders, heavens, kingdoms, lords, rings, dwarves, stars, nights, days, years, ages, points, horns, peaks, summits, hills, valleys, falls, cliffs, mountains, continents, seas, lakes, swans, angels, demons, spirits, sacraments, sages, letters, seals, gifts, pillars, bridges, chakras, layers]

STELLA: Structure Through Electronic Language & Liminal Architecture
- a somewhat random inner-space visualisation engine using web architecture and language to enforce non-interstitial borders and fortify extrospectacular arenas on an otherwise deterritorialized and formless pure plane of immanence

Prosaic Memories of the Space Age [Ballardian not Bachelardian]
- unique code-born liminal spatializations - made with the series engine: STELLA

Tossing the Drachma: Infernal Shades of Hades or Celestial Fields of Elysium?
- a Greek conundrum - advanced web typography

Owls or Athenas? [tossing the Drachma]
- unique code-born typographical constellations - made with the series engine: Tossing the Drachma

idea[s] for a[n] [modern] abstract[ion][ism]
- dynamic hypertext mark-up language on art-historical substratum

sketches toward a fresh NEO-GEO canvas every 5 seconds for the duration of Western culture
- or "border control {red, white, blue || green, white, red}"

two search terms [for John Berger]

- an heuristic game of chance, subjectivity & significance

landscape with argonauts
- an object with no other cause than its name...

6 turns out to be 9
- three-dimensional architectural simulations recoded using the Hendrix Algorithm

REGRETS Cambridge
- sponsored by Microsoft Research Cambridge and the University of Westminster, London, 2005

- Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, 2006
- part of Simplicity - the Art of Complexity curated by Professor Alan Maeda, MIT

- Le Cube Festival of Digital Art, Paris, 2008 - Les arts numériques réinventent la ville

- an interactive archive, public artwork, & study regarding the human capacity for remorse
- an action-research collaboration with Jane Mulfinger
- the REGRETS global archive is still growing and contains thousands of regrets in at least four european languages
- the next REGRETS local event anticipates a different alphabet

project AURORA
- an interactive public space proposal & metacritique

imaging the metahuman
- a web app capable of iterating a demography of composite facial 'looks' [for project AURORA]

- part of project AURORA

surfacing the soul
- a visiognomy of ignominy - prequel to project AURORA

hanbury terrain
- time as a factor of depth - collaboration with Jane Mulfinger

levity, gravity, peripeteia
- an interactive public artwork for specific local interiors and the global net

moMs - museum of MODERN space
- the first off-earth Sculpture Park

a grey area: boxing & memory
- collaboration with Jane Mulfinger
- commissioned by inIVA

visible cities
- cityscapes that defy description

berlin bei nacht - comical/critical 'post-card views' of the city prior to unification

lost charms
- small found objects/human qualities

3D/4D work
- selected public artworks, commissions, installations, 3D & 4D projects

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