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GRAHAM BUDGETT | budgettATartsDOTucsbDOTedu |
  1979 - 1982
1977 - 1978
1973 - 1977
Stanford University, California - M.F.A. Sculpture
St. Martin's School of Art, London - Advanced Diploma, Sculpture [Photo/Video/Text]
Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham - B.A. Fine Art
  2004 _ cont.
2005 _ 2006
2005 _ 2006
1996 _ 2000
1996 _ 2000
1998 _ Fall
1999 _ 2003
1998 _ 2002
1998 _ 1999
1997 _ Spring
1987 _ 1995
1991 _ 1995
1990 _ Winter
1986 _ 1987
1982 _ 1985

Lecturer, Digital Media & Spatial Practices, Department of Art, University of California, Santa Barbara
Researcher, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
Researcher, WestmARC, University of Westminster, London, UK
Acting Head of Digital Media, Department of Art, University of California, Santa Barbara
Online Resources/Site Manager & Designer, Department of Art, University of California, Santa Barbara
Lecturer, College of Creative Studies, UCSB [ sculpture, structure, network]
Co-producer & Media Editor, GALA Committee website []
Site Manager, Designer & Consultant, Digital World Research Centre, Univ. of Surrey, UK
Consultant, Science Policy Support Group, London, UK
Visiting Lecturer, Kunstakademiet I Trondheim, Norway
Lecturer, Photo-Arts, School of Communication, University of Westminster, London
Lecturer, Fine Art, Middlesex University, London
Visiting Lecturer, Art Department, Stanford University, California
Resident Artist, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Lecturer, Sculpture, Department of Art, University of California, Santa Barbara


algorithmic art -
DVD & narrative production -
experimental film* -
video & documentary practices -
exploring DVD territories -
body-space-time-machine -
GALAweb* -
situated photograph - y
sculpture & technomorphology -
intimate technology -
digital media arts strategies -
the language[s] of photography -
introduction to spatial studies -
introduction to contemporary practice III: art, science and technologies -
sculpture, structure, network -

*[co-instructor w. Prof. Constance Penley - Film & Media Studies, UCSB]



  2010 - 2013
code-born works
*use Chrome only
a foggy day - same object, another day
see thing mass [your brain... a visualization for Timothy] - [on the HTML5 'canvas' - Chrome only]
Airports, Stadiums & Prisons etching their own plans - [on the HTML5 'canvas' element - Chrome only]
Dark Matter meets Grey Matter - synaptic-retinal entity mapping itself
[on the HTML5 'canvas' element - use Chrome to view this as intended]
way2go: target painting/seeking its self [on the HTML5 'canvas' element - Chrome only]
snake-eyes [place your bets] on spectatorship and userhood
STELLA: Structure Through Electronic Language & Liminal Architecture
- a somewhat random inner-space visualisation engine using web architecture and
web language to enforce non-interstitial borders and fortify introspectacular arenas
on an otherwise deterritorialized and formless pure plane of immanence
Prosaic Memories of the Space Age - unique code-born liminal spatializations
Tossing the Drachma: Infernal Shades of Hades or Celestial Fields of Elysium?
Owls or Athenas? [tossing the Drachma] - unique code-born typographical constellations
idea[s] for a[n] [modern] abstract[ion][ism] - DHTML on art-historical substratum
two search terms [for John Berger]
6 turns out to be 9 - three-dimensional architectural simulations recoded using the Hendrix Algorithm
REGRETS.ORG.UK - an interactive archive, public artwork, & study re. the human capacity for remorse
- the global archive is growing - thousands of regrets in 4 languages - action research w. Jane Mulfinger
imaging the metahuman - a web app. capable of iterating a demography of composite facial 'looks'
surfacing the soul - a visiognomy of ignominy - prequel to project AURORA
levity, gravity, peripeteia - an interactive public artwork for specific local interiors and the global net
  2009 idea[s] for painting: dynamic hypertext mark-up language on art-historical substratum
- www-based algorithmic artwork:
--- ---
landscape with argonauts: an object with no other cause than its name...
- www-based interactive artwork:
--- ---
castaroon!: an heuristic game of chance, subjectivity & significance
- www-based algorithmic artwork:
--- ---
sketches toward a fresh NEO-GEO canvas every 5 seconds for the duration of Western culture
or "border control [red; white; blue; || green; white; red;]"

- www-based algorithmic artwork:
--- ---
Container Project, Mobile Arts Lab2 : w. Jane Mulfinger and Billy Hood, Santa Barbara MOMA,
SB County Arts, Casa de la Raza. REGRETS data gathering on State and Milpas Streets, Santa Barbara
--- ---
REGRETS for Off-Axis and Santa Barbara Museum of Art [animated text projection on museum façade]
REGRETS for Off-Axis and Santa Barbara Arts Commission [animated projection on City Hall façade]
  2005 - 2008 REGRETS Paris: "Le Cube Festival", Le Cube Centre de Création Numérique, Paris
REGRETS Santa Barbara: SB Museum of Modern Art and Casa de la Raza, Santa Barbara
REGRETS Linz: part of Simplicity curated by John Maeda [MIT], Ars Electronica 2006, Linz, Austria
REGRETS Cambridge: an interactive archive, public artwork, & study - MicroSoft Research, UK
& Univ.of Westminster Applied Research & Consultancy [WestmARC] London, UK
--- ---
cMOI - collective MOBILE OPERATOR [& OTHER] IDENTITIES - part of project AURORA
--- ---
  2003 - 2004 project AURORA: the dawn sprite of metahumanity; Project Leader
--- ---
MOMS: The Museum Of Modern Space; the first off-Earth Sculpture Park; Founding Director
--- ---
The Fictive City & its Real Estate..., Leefahsahlung Gallery, Chinatown LA
--- Media Production, Editing, & Design for Jane Mulfinger ---
conductor: web-delivered animation & artist's DVD
--- ---
tripwired: a constellation of public & private domains; an interactive movie for virtual & actual space
--- ---
  1998 - 2002 entropia - a song for networks --- ---
Art Faculty Exhibition, University Art Museum, UC Santa Barbara
Portrait 2000, digital portrait commissions, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara
Melrose Plays, Gala Committee video installation in The Shooters Bar, Stuttgart Museum, Germany
Primetime, Gala Committee - video installation, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Germany
College of Creative Studies Faculty Exhibition, CCS Gallery, UC Santa Barbara
  1994 - 1998 MPArt - a web archive and promotion of the methodologies of The GALA Committee - w. Constance Penley; Jon Lapointe]
Screens, Kunstmuseum Trondheim, Norway
A Dream of Urbanity, Stamford Street Gallery, London; Chapter Arts, Cardiff, Wales
The Art Marathon, Orchard Gallery, Derry, Ireland; A Grey Area commissioned by BBC TV, London
Boxer, Walsall Museum [w. Jane Mulfinger]; installation A Grey Area commissioned by inIVA, London
Boxer Tour: Centre for Creative Arts, Glasgow; Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth; Oldham Art Gallery, UK
Figure and Landscape, Raab Gallery, Cork Street, London
  1990 - 1994 Foto 1, Brick Lane Gallery, London
Artificial Eden, Camerawork, London
Lux, Banks, Hoggins, O'Shea, London
Second International Photo Triennale, Esslingen
Zeitmauer, Goethe Institute, London; Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; Stadtgalerie, Gera
Force 10, Projects U.K., Newcastle; flag commissions for Glasgow 90 Festival and tour
Passing Glances, The British Library, London; photo commissions for Artangel Trust, London
A Social Outing, National Garden Festival '90, Gateshead; large-scale public sculpture commission
Ghost Photography, Idea Gallery, Milan; Galleria Salla Uno, Rome
Homage II, Flaxman Gallery, London
London Passim, Casa Veneta-Muggia, Trieste
  1988 - 1990 Lumo 89 - Boundaries of Photography, Alvar Aalto Museo, Finland
Machine Dreams, Photographers' Gallery, London
Contemporary Photomontage, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
A Man and a Woman, B4 Gallery, London.
Ways of Telling, Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno; Old Library Gallery, Cardiff.
Towards a Bigger Picture, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; The Tate Gallery, Liverpool
The Invisible Man, parts I & II, Goldsmiths' Gallery, London
Metro Billboard Project, Projects U.K., Newcastle, tour of public sites
Homage to the Square, Flaxman Gallery, London
Critical Montage, Small Mansion Arts Centre, London
  1984 - 1988 Die Anweisung, U-Bahnhof Nollendorf-Platz, Berlin; billboard commission with Jane Mulfinger
Mythos Berlin, Anhalter Bahnhof, Berlin, audio-visual installation
In a Right State, Camerawork, London; Side Gallery, Newcastle; Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth
Singular Aspects, Eye Gallery, San Francisco
Photoflow, Arlington Gallery, University of Texas
Faculty Exhibition, University Art Museum, UC Santa Barbara
  1980 - 1984 Competition, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara
Visions of Truth, Casa de la Raza, Santa Barbara
Wonderful Things, Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles
The Chair Show, Hansen Gallery, Santa Barbara
Four Young Americans [sic], Mandeville Gallery, UC San Diego
  pre 1980 Critual, St Martin's School of Art, London [w. Sebastian Mendes]
Young Contemporaries 1977, Royal Academy, London


REGRETS Santa Barbara: Museum of Modern Art & Casa de la Raza [with Jane Mulfinger]
REGRETS Paris: "Le Cube Festival", Le Cube Centre de Création Numérique, Paris
REGRETS Linz: part of Simplicity curated by John Maeda [MIT], Ars Electronica 2006, Linz, Austria
REGRETS Cambridge: an interactive archive, public artwork, & study [with Jane Mulfinger]
Hanbury Terrain: time as a factor of depth, Platform Gallery, London [with Jane Mulfinger]
weltanschauung for Screens, Kunstmuseum Trondheim, Norway
them what trespass, Camerawork, London, UK
Visible Cities, Berning & Daw Fine Art, London, UK
Lost Charms, The Photographers' Gallery, London, UK
Schneider-Bluhm-Loeb Gallery, Chicago, USA
Chameleon Contemporary Art, Hobart, Australia
Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, UK
Berlin bei Nacht, Photographers' Gallery, London, UK
Berlin bei Nacht, Goethe Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Berlin bei Nacht, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
A Brief US History, Camerawork, London, UK
Ucen Gallery, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
2011 Book: "Art Contemporain Nouveaux Médias," by Dominique Moulon
Publisher: Nouvelle Éditions Scala, Paris, France
[Regrets Project featured pages 30 - 35 in "Bases de donnés orientées art."]
  2008 SBMA's Electronic Poetics Brings in the Community, The Independent, Santa Barbara
--- ---
Les Arts Numerique Reinventent La Ville, Le Cube Festival of Numeric Arts, Beaux Arts Magazine, June 3-8, Paris, France
Comment les Arts Numeriques Investissent la Ville, @rtek nº9: @arts de cites, web magazine, Paris
Art Numerique: Le Cube Festival (2), Innovation le Journal, web magazine,
--- ---
Issy fete les arts numeriques, Maison a Part, magazine and web, Paris.:
--- ---
Cube Festival, le numerique interactif,' Connaissance Arts, Paris --- ---
Regrets - Jane Mulfinger, Graham Budgett, Dailymotion web video archive,
--- ---
Regrets - Jane Mulfinger, Graham Budgett, Truveo web video archive
Les arts numeriques reinventent la ville: Regrets, une oeuvre conceptuelle interactive de Jane Mulfinger et Graham Budgett,
by Catherine Alice Palagret, Archeologie du futur/Archeologie du quotidien, web blog:
--- ---
La Courbe du Cube ou une Milady Renoir, interview with Carine le Malet,
Director of Festival Program, Le Cube, Paris
--- ---
"Mobile Research 3," MediaLab, citation under "on the mobile" for Regrets project
Pre-Print notice: "Mobile Publics and Issues-Based Art and Design," by Anne Galloway in Sampling the Spectrum,
edited by Barbara Crow, Michael Longford and Kim Sawchuck, Toronto: Univeristy of Toronto Press
  2007 Regret haunts baby boomers, by David Graham, The Star newspaper and website, Canada:
--- ---
"Haunted by Regrets?" by Nanna Mercer
--- ---
State of the Arts conference publication, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB
  2006 Simplicity, exhibition catalogue, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz Austria
REGRETS Cambridge: - commissioned by MicroSoft Research Cambridge, UK
- supported by WestmARC [University of Westminster Applied Research & Consultancy] London, UK
Project DVD [& projected publication].
  2000 - 2005 Boxing; A Cultural History, by Kasia Boddy, Lecturer Dept. of English, University College London,
published by Reaktion Books, Ltd., A Grey Area, cited on p. 378.
AURORA the dawn sprite of metahumanity - online & project DVD
MOMS the Museum of Modern Space - online & project DVD
The Fictive City & its Real Estate..., Jane Mulfinger - project DVD & book
conductor, Graham Budgett - online & project DVD
  1996 - 20XX online projects - archive:
Boxer: An Anthology of Writing on Boxing and Visual Culture
edited by David Chandler, John Gill, Tania Guha, Gilane Towadros
MIT Press and the Institute of International Visual Arts, London, ISBN 0-262-53143-7
  1995 A Grey Area BBC2 television coverage in The Art Marathon 9/95
Boxer, book supplement to exhibition, inIVA [The Institute of International Visual Arts] London
  1992 Zeitmauer, Goethe Institute,London
2nd International Photo Triennale, Esslingen, Germany
  1991 Graham Budgett - Lost Charms, Photographers' Gallery, London
  1990 London Passim, Gruppo '78, Trieste, Italy
Passing Glances, post-card set, Artangel Trust, London
Festival Landmarks, National Garden Festival '90, Gateshead
Ghost Photography, Idea Books, Milan
  1989 Lumo 89, Alvar Aalto-Museo, Finland
Machine Dreams, Photographer's Gallery, London
Ways of Telling, Oriel Mostyn, Wales
  1988 Hiding in the Light [image: Angelus Novus], Dick Hebdige, Comedia, London
The Invisible Man, Goldsmiths' Gallery, London
Critical Montage, Small Mansions Arts Centre, London
Metro-Billboard Project, posters, post-cards, Projects UK Newcastle
  1987 Die Anweisung, exhibition catalogue, Berlin
Berlin Bei Nacht, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
In a Right State, Camerawork, London
  1985 Photoflow, Arlington Gallery, University of Texas
  PRESS, TV etc  
The Fictive City & its Real Estate, Leefahsahlung Gallery, Chinatown LA, [DVD w. Jane Mulfinger], 2004
The Gala Committee', ORF, Austrian Television, 2000
Melrose Plays, video installation in The Shooters Bar, Stuttgart Museum, Germany, 2000
Primetime, video screening, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Germany, 2000
Gala Committee by Yilmaz Dziewior - ArtForum,  Summer, 2000
A Dream of Urbanity, by John Stathatos, Art & Design, London, #50, pp. 8-11. 11/96
Starr Wars: Sarah Kent on the Turner Prize, by Sarah Kent, Time Out, London. 9/96
This Sporting Life, World Art Magazine, no. 4, England. 1/96
The Art Marathon, BBC Television, London, Nov. 95
Boxer, Emmanuel Cooper,Contemporary Art Magagazine, London, Winter 95
A Grey Area BBC2 television coverage in The Art Marathon 9/95
Boxer, by Sacha Craddock, The Times, London. 4/8/95
Blood on the Canvas, by Richard Williams, The Guardian, London, p. 18. 7/95
Fight For Life: Boxing is Human Survival as Spectacle, by C Smith, The Face, London. 7/95
Visible Cities, Graham Evans, Art & Design Magazine, London, 9/95
Foto 1, David Lillington, Time Out, London, 16/2/94
Artificial Eden, David Lillington, Time Out, London, 5/1/94
Zeitmauer, Rupert Wallrott, Neue Bildende Kunst, Berlin, 1/93
Die Welt im Bastelzimmer, Wolfgang Heine, Photo Presse, 5/11/92
Graham Budgett, Adrian Searle, Time Out, 30/9/92
Zeitmauer, David Lillington, Time Out, 25/3/92
Graham Budgett, Sarah Kent, Time Out, 29/1/91
Sold: the lost pyramid of Gateshead, The Journal, Newcastle, 20/2/91
Force 10, Simon Herbert, AND Magazine, London, #23,1991
Flags, Graham Budgett, AND Magazine, London, #23, 1991
Outside the Formal, Beryl Graham, AND Magazine, London, #21, 1990
Machine Dreams, The Late Show, BBC2 Television, 1/9/89
Machine Dreams, Kate Bush, Artscribe, London, #78, Jan. - Feb. 1990
Machine Dreams, Sarah Kent, Time Out, 1989
A Mischievous Glance Sideways, interview with Karen Hope; Ten-8 International,#34, 1989
Lumo 89, Hannah Castren, Keskisuomalainen, Helsinki, 18/10/89
The Camera Believes Everthing, Anu Uimonen; Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki, 25/9/89
When Art Adopts Photography, Aamulehti, Helsinki, 24/9/89
Photo-text feature, Image magazine, Finland, #1, 1989
Cover and text, AND Journal of Art & Ed., London, #18, 1989
Photo-feature, The Observer, London, Section 5, 27/11/88
Critical Montage, Mark Currah, City Limits, London, 15/9/88
Berlin Bei Nacht, Sarah Kent, Time-Out, London, 22/6/88
Cover and text, Aesthetik and Kommunikation, Berlin, 2/88
Cover and text, AND Journal of Art & Ed., London, #13, 1987
Cover and text, Performance magazine, London, #50, 1987
Photo-feature and review, Zitty magazine, Berlin, #s 15 & 16, 1987
Photo-feature and review, TAZ newspaper, Berlin 20/6/87
Photo-feature, Tempo magazine, Munich, Germany, 6/6/87
In a Right State, review, Independent Media, London, #66, 1987
Review, Creative Camera, London, 5/5/87
Review, New Statesman, London, 15/5/87
Review, City Limits magazine, London, 14/5/87
Photo-feature, The Face magazine, London, #78, 1986
Review, Photo-Metro magazine, San Francisco, 2/86
Graffiti Wars, Daily Nexus, Santa Barbara, Ca, 1/11/8
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Alvar Aalto Museum, Finland
Deutsche Bank, London

GRAHAM BUDGETT | budgettATartsDOTucsbDOTedu |