Raised by farmers and cultivated by mystics Eric Beltz’s hypnotically detailed drawings describe worlds filled with rural magic. Working in series with titles like American Visions, Back to Eden, Elementary Forces, and Trance Farm he blends history, religion, shamanism, nostalgia, origin myths, the vernacular, and botany. Injecting text like both an essayist and a poet, Beltz’s further expands his references crossing cultures and historical eras.

Eric Beltz received his MFA from UC Santa Barbara in 2004. He has shown extensively across the United States including at the Museum of Arts and Design (NY), the Mint Museum (NC), the Contemporary Arts Museum (TX), the Frye Museum (WA) and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (CA). His work has been reviewed by Art in America, the LA Times, the Village Voice, the New York Times, and other publications. Beltz has had solo shows in both Los Angeles at Acuna-Hansen Gallery and Koplin del Rio and in New York at Morgan Lehman Gallery.