Undergraduate Major Requirements


39 units as follows:
Art 1A, 1C (7 units)
Art 7A, 7B, 7C, 7D (non-sequential) (20 units)
3 different courses from Art 10, 12, 14, 18, 19, 22, 32 (12 units)



36 units as follows:


A. 28 units selected from upper-division Art courses (8 units of upper-division CCS art courses may be applied in this area.)


NOTE: Students who intend to apply to graduate school in fine arts should complete a minimum of 16 units in one area of emphasis.


Courses taken:_____________________________________


B. 4 units of upper-division Art History are required


Course taken:_____________________________________


C. Art 125, 126, or Art 130 (4 units)




Up to 8 units upper division Art CS courses and Art 192AA-ZZ combined may be taken P/ NP. All other major units, including those applied to the major from other departments, must be taken for letter grades.


SUBSTITUTIONS in the major requirements permissible only by petition to the department chair and dean.


At least 20 UD units in major while in residence at UCSB


G.P.A. REQUIREMENTS At least 2.0 overall average in:

a) all UD major courses; and
b) all major courses (Prep & UD) , including courses in excess of minimum requirements.


With the approval of each department chairperson, up to a total of 8 units may be applied simultaneously to both UD majors.


Students interested in pursuing graduate study should complete an emphasis within the major. Students planning teaching careers, especially the secondary (high school) level, should complete a wide range of studio courses in order to achieve the broadest exposure possible to the practice of art. The department’s undergraduate adviser helps students in planning the appropriate coursework to best meet their goals and objectives.