The Department of Art offers contemporary, traditional, multi and interdisciplinary approaches to artistic production. We are committed to creative research that investigates the relationship between practice and inquiry, and how this dynamic manifests itself in contemporary life.


Our recognized faculty are as committed to teaching as they are to their creative practice and research. We attract students from all backgrounds who are self-motivated, visually and conceptually inventive and interested in contributing to a community of artists at a world-class, public research institution. Within the interdisciplinary setting offered at UCSB, emerging artists develop their unique modes of practice and critical skills through both thinking and making, essential to their future roles as practicing professionals in a complex and diverse society. Our faculty, students and alumni actively participate in local, national and international venues for exhibition, as well as emerging publishing platforms for cultural production and dissemination of work.


The Department of Art encourages a climate that fosters broad and diverse perspectives, in which faculty, staff, students and community members are encouraged to participate in and contribute to a culturally rich and equitable society.


The Department of Art’s multi-disciplinary curriculum structure is supplemented by close association with the Media Arts and Technology Graduate Program, the College of Creative Studies, and the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center. Please visit our links for updates to the Visiting Artist speaker series and the exhibitions listings, both open to the public.