Prospective Student FAQ

How do I become an Art major in the Department of Art?

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If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student and you indicate on your application the desire to major in Art in the College of Letters and Science, you will automatically be enrolled as a major.


If you are already accepted to Letters & Science at UCSB as undeclared or in a major other than Art, you must take at least 3 Lower Division Art classes and receive a letter grade (C or better) for each. After you have completed three classes, except 1C, you may fill out the form to declare a major, which is available in the Art Office, and submit it to the Academic Advisor. There is no portfolio requirement at this time.

How easy is it to enroll in beginning courses?

During your third pass time, if there is space available in any of the lower division courses, non-majors may enroll. These include our small studio courses in all of the fields we offer. If these classes are full, please sign up on the waitlist which is on the GOLD enrollment system.

Why major in Art at UCSB?

The Department curriculum specializes in critical thinking and adaptable visual and conceptual skills that are key to any future plans in any field. Many parents and students are concerned about their futures in the current economic crisis. Here are a few wise words from our colleague, Professor Adriene Jenik at Arizona State University.

Is there an Art minor at UCSB?

Yes! There are 3 tracks to pursue under an Art minor: Art; Public Practice; Art & Technology. Please contact the Undergraduate Advisor for more information.

Where can I find the courses you offer?