Graduate student Megan Mueller in ‘THE NEW FAMILIAR’, a Long Beach Art Exchange & ACRE exhibition


Art Exchange & ACRE presents:


Featuring work by:
Marisa Williamson
Megan Mueller
Stephanie Lie
Sarah Hotchkiss
Samuel Hertz

Curated by Steven Frost

ACRE and the Long Beach Art Exchange are excited to present work by Marisa Williamson, Megan Mueller, Stephanie Lie, Sarah Hotchkiss, and Samuel Hertz. These artists take everyday objects and experiences and add their signature, giving us new perspectives on something familiar. New York based artist, Marisa Williamson inserts herself in daily life as Thomas Jefferson’s slave and mistress, Sally Hemings. Her paintings and performances document this experience and confronts histories of racial inequality and feminine empowerment. Oakland based artist, Samuel Hertz looks at the landscape through the field of sound. San Francisco based artists, Stephanie Lie and Sarah Hotchkiss both bring the act of play into their work. Prints by Lie reimagine landscape from the point of view of a weather balloon*. Hotchkiss designs surreal game pieces for the “children she will never have.” Santa Barbara based artist Megan Mueller explores the merging of spatial relationships via the built and natural environments in her duck hunt inspired sculptures.

The Long Beach Art Exchange will host an opening on Saturday, May 9 from 6 – 10 PM and a video screening of work by Samuel Hertz and Marisa Williamson on Thursday, May 21 from 7-8 PM. The show will close on June 18 with a community hotdog + art party.

* Prints by Stephanie Lie were created through a generous grant from the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts.