Stephanie Washburn screening video in ‘The Situation Room’, Los Angeles

Stephanie Washburn screening video in ‘The Situation Room’, Los Angeles


Facebook event:

To celebrate the ‘grand’ opening of The Situation Room, Micol Hebron will be screening a selection of 50+ video artworks by female-identified video artists from around the country.

NOTE: You may stop by on the early side (starting at 4:30) if you wish to see The Situation Room in the daylight. Video Screenings will begin at 5:30 and will run (on a loop) throughout the evening – so you can arrive anytime you wish and stay for as little or as long as you like!

The Situation Room is a project space and resource room for artists in need. A place for artists, writers, comedians, architects, thinkers, performers, community members, and concerned citizens to use as needed to support their creative practice. It is located in a converted one-car garage, with white walls, and a barn door that is set up to be an indoor or outdoor projection surface. The Situation Room can be reserved for exhibitions, screenings, talks, performances, dinners, consciousness-raising sessions, workshops, and more, on a proposal basis. There is some equipment available for on-site use: a large printer, a small printer, a few old video cameras, projectors, etc. All equipment must remain on site – but can be checked out for projects, screenings, shoots, etc. It’s a DIY space – you make it happen!

The White House Situation Room mission/description is:
“A conference room and intelligence management center to monitor domestic and international events, provide current intelligence and crisis support, one-stop shop for sensitive information flowing into and out”.
That’s pretty much the same for Micol’s Situation Room. 🙂

I hope you’ll join me on February 21st to check out the
videos and the space, and learn more about it all!

*The Situation Room has been made possible by a grant from the California Community Foundation, and by generously donated labor and ideas of dear friends (including Primitivo Suarez-Wolfe, Ginger Wolfe-Suarez, Jim Haag)

During the opening, there will be:

Videos by:
Agnes Nedregard
Andrea McGinty
Angelina Dreem
Anikó Sáfrán
Ann Hirsch
Annetta Kapon
Annette Abundantia
Audrey Chan
Blanca Gimenez
Bryne Rasmussen-Smith
Cara Despain
Carmen Tiffany
Chie Yamayoshi
Christen Clifford
Christina McPhee
Christina Petterson
Chrys Anthe
Cindy Rehm
Crystal Z Campbell
Ellina Kevorkian
Evelin Stermitz
Hannah Karsen
Jenn Berger
Jennifer Stefanisko
Julie Orser
Julie Russo
Katie Murphy
Kate Rhoades
Katharina Rosenberger
Kim Miller
Kireilyn Barber
Liv Thurley
Malado Baldwin and Sarah Walko
Marjan Vayghan
Michele Jaquis
Nancy Baker Cahill
Naomi Elena Ramirez
Pearl C. Hsiung
Renée M Browne
Safi Alia Shabaik
Sarah Manuwal
Simone Lueck
Stephanie Washburn
Suné Woods
Suzanne Oshinsky
Sydney Snyder
Talia Shulze
Vanessa Gully Santiago
Yoony Takeuchi
Yoshie Sakai

There will be some special magic by Jimmy Xie!

And, featuring Femmerch by:
Broooks Wenzel
Lauren Potts
Siobhan Hebron
Suzanne Adelman
Tracers Book Club