Graduates 2003

Viviana Leija

Installation, photography, multimedia

My work focuses on aspects of life that vary daily reflecting the infinite mobility of the world, the dimension of matter and its rhythmical compositions generated by time. "Energy" is a key word for all my work, I follow those transitory stages that provoke unexpected changes.
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Alisa Ochoa

Installation, photography, multimedia

Alisa Ochoa is an artist working with various media, ranging from 2D digital media to collaborative one-night art situations. She refuses to think in terms of characteristics which separate, but prefers to draw whimsical associations between diverse things like fractal geometry, modernist design, and natural science. By breaking down the notion that the world functions strictly according to cause and effect, her work hopes to place the viewer in a position of wonder, excitement, and pleasure. The core of Ochoa’s research is drawn from her own experiences growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada. The area and its history represent a very poignant clash of human idealism, the harshness of the desert climate and the vast distances that it places in between people. Alisa Ochoa lives in Los Angeles. She is a lecturer at University of California, Santa Barbara where she teaches traditional/digital print and experimental classes on how to start an art movement. Her work can be seen on-line at
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Jennifer Vanderpool


Jennifer Vanderpool is a Los Angeles based artist and writer. She has exhibited work at Southfirst in Brooklyn, New York; Ballroom Studios in Atlanta, Georgia; Acme Art Company in Columbus, Ohio; Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana; Sam Francis Gallery in Santa Monica, California; I-5 Gallery in Los Angeles, California. She participated in a public art project at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder, Colorado. Upcoming exhibitions include Cy-Fair College in Cypress, Texas and the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum in Santa Barbara, California. Her work has been reviewed in Art Papers Magazine, Atlanta Journal Constitution, New York Times, and Santa Barbara News Press. Awards include the University of California Regents Fellowship and National Endowment for the Arts Challenge America Grant for a collaborative arts activism project. Her writing has appeared in artUS, Art Papers Magazine, Site Street on-line journal, and several exhibition catalogs. She received her MFA in New Genres and Critical Theory from the University of California, Santa Barbara; MA in Art History from Emory University; MA in Museum and Community Arts Education from Ohio State. She is completing her Ph.D. in Art Critical Practices at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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Steve Deitl


Bushs Kommentar: Ich weiÃ?, daÃ? jetzt sehr viel Geschichte revidiert wird. Aber er [Saddam Hussein] ist nicht länger eine Bedrohung der freien Welt ist unaufrichtig. Obgleich Bush über den letzteren Punkt bezüglich Hussein recht hat, beweist dies auf keinem Fall Bushs Implikation. Bush verlangte, daÃ? Hussein aus der Machtposition entfernt werden müsse, und fuck pussy Kunts posers, weil er angeblich ein Programm mit Massenvernichtungswaffen entwickelte. Falls dies der Grund war und es sich zeigt, daÃ? tatsächlich gar keine Massenvernichtungswaffen existierten, dann war der Krieg selbst ungerechtfertigt.

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Nina Seja

Video and Critical Theory

Nina Seja has joined the ranks of the global diaspora. Born and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand, she landed in Santa Barbara, CA to pursue her MFA. After living there for five years, she realized that she needed to "head East, young (wo)man." She is currently pursuing her PhD in Cinema Studies at New York University. Her work is interdisciplinary, crossing film theory, film history, the moving image, sound, and spoken word. Her theoretical interests include memory and nostalgia, postcolonial theory and indigenous representation. Her dissertation will consider the intersections of government policy, indigenous rights, and film funding. Her words can be found at

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