Graduates 2005

Ethan Kaplan

Digital Media / Media Studies / Critical Theory

Ethan Kaplan is a media artist working mostly in the area of virtual embodiment of identity through online communities. As such, his work exists as a website (, discourse around the website, discourse around the catalyst for the website (the band R.E.M.) and the software that runs the website. Whether this means that Ethan is an artist, a theorist or a computer programmer is up to question. Whether his website is an artwork, the audience for the artwork or a hybrid state between is likewise up to question. Whatever the delineation, Ethan remains fascinated with computer mediated communication, the expression of fanaticism through it and the technology that enables it. has been among the largest and most respected band websites since its inception in 1996. Ethan has had his work covered and shown on VH-1, CNN, Associated Press, National Public Radio, MTV, New Music Express Magazine, Q Magazine and other media outlets. He is an alumni of UCSD (Visual Arts) and is getting an MA in Media Arts and Technology at UCSB, as well as an MFA in the Department of Art.
contact ethankap at murmurs dot com



Jay Lizo

Fine Arts

The structural ideas I’m interested in revolve around the morphology of language, essentially language games. I’m curious about how something very simple such as a word or a image can generate a assoicated web of thought for an experience. This experience or experiences can range from a pubilc or private memory to a fictional or historical narrative. This usually manifests itself through different formats like text, image, material, or sound and somtimes combining these elements into one object. The painting "The Devil’s End" comes from a continuing body of work based of a Godard’s "Sympathy for the Devil". The film acts as a machine generating images for me to consume and recycle back as a hybridized and alienating space.

contact jlizo at earthlink dot net



Andrew Prince


Andrew’s artwork appropriates design cues from consumer goods in an attempt to reveal cultural nuances. His personal process employs the use of readily available materials maximizing the ever-present concern of time and effort efficiency.

contact an_drew_prince at yahoo dot com



Teja L. Ream


Pirates, photos, videos, installations, words, pages, books, birds, femme fatales, music, stickers and deadly stiletto heels.



Ben Ritter

Installation, Digital Media

Anti-Nautilus is an assembly which can consist of any type of material. It can be language, a pattern of thinking, mathematics, architecture, sculpture, organic matter, science, computer programming, social activity, an art movement, or a human psyche. The Nautilus, on the other hand, is equally abstract. It is not just a type of shell but a symbol for a mode of existence. The Nautilus represents a scientific, artistic, or critical methodology that seeks to reduce the material world to a sign-system intelligible to human reason. This mode of thought might believe that the whorls of the nautilus shell unfolding in the Fibonacci sequence is symbol of the secret mathematical order of the universe, that the world is a vast set of ciphers open to human understanding.
contact b_ritter at hotmail dot com



Rebecca Tuynman


Rebecca Tuynman’s art work seeks to define the ability of an object to contain and transmit human personality. Using photography as her primary medium, she designs participatory art projects that always seek inclusiveness.
contact rebecca at rebeccatuynman dot com