Graduates 2009

Calico Brown

Fine Arts



Alejandro Casazi

Print & Book Art

My work often reflects the state of the human being immerse in a monumental universe. The idea of monumentality through contemplative images and fragmented pictures that evoke gigantic spaces captured in pages. Generating an experience over an object that is so habitual and casual as the book.



Elizabeth Folk

Spatial Arts



Nathan Hayden

Fine Arts

People with animal heads, sound based spelling, obsessive-compulsive mark making, and grocery lists all find a place in the work of Nathan Hayden. A self proclaimed collector of information refuse, he incorporates misrememberings, hallucinations, overheard cell phone conversations, and other miscellaneous ramblings, with equal fervor, into work which ranges from pocket sized sketches to large scale installations.



Carrie Maseredjian

Spatial Arts

Carrie Maseredjian’s current work integrates the expressive languages of sculpture, installation, and intermedia with performative and interventionist approaches. From raw and unprecedented flash incidents of connectivity and communication amongst strangers in a variety of public contexts, she extracts content for work that acutely yet playfully explores existential drama in the private realm, contrasting codes of social conduct, preoccupation with memory loss and unresolved aspirations, in addition to various manifestations of exaltation and despair in the everyday. Carrie was born in Los Angeles California in 1981. In between her completion of a B.A. in Studio Art at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2003 and her present graduate work at UCSB, she participated in educational internships in Italy at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Venice Biennale.