Undergraduate – Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become an Art major? 

You must take at least 3 Lower Division Art classes and receive a letter grade (C or better) for each.  These should include 1A, and Drawing if possible, but NOT 1C.  After you have completed three classes, you may fill out the form to declare a major, which is available in the Art Office, and submit it to the Academic Advisor along with your New Student Profile and an unofficial copy of your transcripts, both available from GOLD. There is no portfolio requirement at this time.

Is there an Art minor?

No, but we are looking to add one in Digital Media in the near future.

Do art classes taken in the College of Creative Studies count for the Art major? 

CCS classes count as Upper Division Art units.  You are allowed a total of 8 P/NP units within the major; all CCS classes are taken P/NP.  The department only accepts CCS Art classes numbered 100 and above.

How many 199 units may I take? 

You may take a total of 16 199 units for the Art Major.  More than 5 units per quarter requires an “exception to 199 unit” form.  30 199 units are allowed college wide for double majors.

How do I make sure I am ready to graduate? 

See the academic advisor one quarter before you plan to graduate.  You may also process a Senior Progress Check on your own through GOLD for your GE requirements, and a Degree Audit for your major.

How do I add/drop a class after the deadline? 

Go to the College of Letters and Science, Cheadle Hall Room 1117, and pick up the appropriate form.  Get the Instructor’s signature and return it to the Registrar’s office with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

How do I change a grade?

You must confer with your Instructor concerning a grade change, and provide the following to him/her:

  • Name (Last, First, Middle)
  • Perm #
  • Course #
  • Quarter and year
  • Enrollment Code
  • Instructor
  • Major

It is up to the Instructor to determine if you are deserving of a grade change. The Registrars will not accept a request for a grade change directly from the student.

Filing an Incomplete

How does a Student file an Incomplete grade?

When a student feels that they cannot complete all of the necessary coursework by the end of the quarter, they should discuss the matter with their instructor before the end of that quarter.  To file for an incomplete grade, the student must file an “Incomplete Petition”, which is only available at the Registrar’s office.  The petition requires the Instructor’s signature and must be filed with the Registrar before the end of that quarter.

When should a student finish an Incomplete?

The incomplete work must be completed and submitted to the instructor by the deadline indicated by the instructor on the Incomplete Petition.  If a specific deadline is not given on the petition, the student is expected to finish the work by the last day of the following quarter.  In other words, if a student takes an Incomplete Fall quarter, they must finish the work by the last day of Winter quarter.

How does a student get a New Grade?

In order to replace an “I” (Incomplete) with a letter grade, it is the student’s responsibility to:

  1. Submit the completed work to the instructor by the deadline
  2. The instructor will then submit a new grade electronically

An incomplete grade reverts to an F at the end of the deadline if the student does not finish the work and request a grade change.


What if a student needs more time to finish an Incomplete?

The student must file an “Incomplete Grade Extension Petition” with the Registrar’s Office by the end of the quarter in which the incomplete work is due.  Extension Petitions are available from the academic advisor in the Art office, NOT the Registrar’s office, and require the instructor’s signature.

Students are strongly encouraged to be in communication with the instructor when they have an Incomplete.